How to Apply Henna on Hair

How to Apply Henna on Hair - The Best Way to Apply Henna

Natural hair dyeing is all about reaping the magical benefits of henna. It’s a completely natural, non-damaging ingredient, perfect for every individual out there.

But is it true what people say about henna - is the application process too lengthy and tiring? 

Well, that’s what chemical lovers say. Every good and natural thing demands some effort. The henna hair dye process may seem messy to start but the price is too low compared to its benefits. Also, the right way to apply henna won’t seem tiring at all. Consider our guide on how to apply henna to hair without getting too worried about it.

How to Apply Henna on Hair

Choosing the Right Henna Dye for Your Hair

Henna comes from a plant with natural coloring properties. As there’s only one henna plant, there is a single signature henna color: Orange-Red. All other variations at Amour Tresor are achieved by mixing other natural ingredients such as Indigo or Amla powder. Select the dye you want considering your present hair color.

Which Is the Best Henna for White Hair?

If you have light-colored hair like white, grey, blonde, or light brown, you can achieve any color you like with our henna hair dye range. It ranges from burgundy and dark brown to red and beyond. These natural powders are perfect for darkening a lighter hair color. For darker brown shades, you may mix tea or coffee in your henna mixture.

How to Apply Henna for Black Hair?

It is quite difficult to land a lighter hair color if your base color is darker such as black or dark brown. Henna is free from any bleaching agents and if you wish to keep your hair healthy, it’s better to keep it that way.

Anyhow, you can try some hacks to achieve a natural bleaching effect. A few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar will do the job. Do not overdo with these natural bleaches or you might irritate your scalp.

Henna on Black Hair

Henna Application - How to Do Henna for Beginners

First things first, make sure you have these things to get started;

  • Organic Henna Powder
  • A mixing bowl (preferably ceramic)
  • Filtered water for mixing
  • Protective hand gloves
  • Dye applicator brush
  • Shower cap

OR simply get our henna hair-dyeing kit for all the necessary tools in one place.

How to Do Henna (Mehndi) Step by Step

Before you start the application process, make sure your hair is clean and oil-free. Most people make the mistake of applying henna on unwashed hair, or even worse, applying hair oils just before the henna paste.

Henna paste cannot permeate oils. If you apply this natural dye to greasy hair, it simply won’t bind to the hair strands. The oil will form a barrier between the two parties and prevent them from bonding. This will result in poor hair color that won’t stay more than a week.

So, fellas, if you have been wondering why is henna not working on my hair, you may be making this mistake. Remember: always apply henna to clean, oil-free hair.

Step 1 - Making the Paste

Let’s start the process by making a henna paste of perfect consistency.

How much henna powder you need depends on your hair length and texture. A pack of 100 grams is enough for shoulder-length hair. Similarly, grab a 250-gram pack if your hair falls on your waist. Increase these amounts (add up to 50 grams) if you have curly or very thick hair. 

Remember, this is just an estimation. Always read the instructions on the back of the packet to make a mixture for your hair type.

Henna Powder Paste

Take the recommended amount of henna powder in a ceramic bowl. Start adding filtered water spoon by spoon to get a perfect consistency like that of a cake batter. The paste should not be runny otherwise it won’t leave a dark stain. Mix well with a spoon and let the mixture sit overnight to get a uniform thick paste.

Step 2 - Take Precautions for Unwanted Stains 

I know getting a hair color, that too completely natural, can be exciting. But don’t lose the safe side in your enthusiasm. Cover everything you don’t want to look orange before applying the mixture.

Wear an old T-shirt and cover your neck with an unwanted fabric. Also, apply petroleum jelly like Vaseline on your forehead and around the ears. Doing this will ensure you don’t stain your skin during the henna application. Although henna does not permanently stain skin, it may still take days before the color entirely fades. In short, precautions are necessary! 

Step 3- Prep Your Hair

As we trained you, start with a clean head of oil-free hair. Comb away any tangles. Partition your hair into 4 or 6 sections depending upon how thick you have them. Take one section at a time and tie the others up for your ease. 

Step 4 - How to Apply Henna Paste

Wear gloves and uncover your henna mixture from its overnight stay. Stir it a little to wake it up. Now, take a thick amount of henna paste onto the dyeing brush and start applying it on the roots of the untied section. Cover every hair strand from the roots all the way to the ends. 

Once done, move on to the next section and repeat the procedure. You can also use hair clips to keep the paste-covered hair in place. Move section after section until your hair is entirely covered in henna. 

The whole procedure may take a while if it’s your first time. Once you get the hold of the process, it will be a matter of minutes for you. 

Step 5 - Cover and Wait

Congrats, you are all done with the struggling phase. All you have to do now is cover your dyed hair in a plastic wrap and wait for a few hours. 2-3 hours is the ideal time to let the color dive deep. You can also use a shower cap on top if you have chores to do meanwhile you wait. 

This waiting time is considered one of the most therapeutic experiences in life. The cooling nature of henna seeps out all the stress from your head. You feel light, active, and relaxed. Not to forget the amazing scent of natural henna powder!

Step 6 - Wash Your Hair 

Washing does not mean scrubbing with a shampoo. That’s far from making a wise decision. 

ONLY use tap water to wash the henna mixture. Keep your head under running water and use your fingertips to clear every corner. You may use a sulfate-free conditioner to assist the rinsing process. 

Should you shampoo after applying henna? Absolutely not. Refrain from using a shampoo for at least 48 hours. When you do use it, opt for a chemical-free alternative. 

It's Showtime!

After 2-3 days, you will get a glimpse of the perfect new hair you have been wanting for so long! 

Note that you may not always achieve your ideal hair color on the first try. Henna can take a couple applications to leave a perfect dye. But the best part is, you can use it as many times as you want because henna is completely safe to use! 

Henna Hair Dye Aftercare

If you want things to last, get ready to add in some ‘Care’; be it relationships or your natural hair dye. Make your henna dye last longer by dishing damaging habits. Refrain from using heat treatments, chemical shampoos, and artificial ingredients on your new hair. Wash your hair no more than 3 times per week. 

Should I Oil My Hair after Applying Henna?

You can use hair oils after you have washed your henna paste. Oiling before or after applying the henna mixture can reduce its coloring properties. Alternatively, using coconut, olive, or similar plant oils is a great way to extend the dye’s life after you wash it. 

Remember, every individual has unique body qualities. If a certain recipe doesn’t work for you, feel free to modify it at any time. Do not blindly follow influencers or people on social media. If something works for them, it will not always work for you too.

How Do You Apply Henna Effectively – FAQs

Can I mix henna with coconut oil?

Many people believe mixing henna with coconut oil provides natural conditioning properties. Although it’s true to some extent, note that henna mixed with oil won’t have the same dyeing effect. The color will not bind effectively to the hair strands, staining them mildly for only a few days.  

How to apply henna at home?

You can follow the above step-by-step procedure to apply henna hair dye at home. Make sure you have all the ingredients at hand before starting your in-home application. Don’t forget to cover your skin against unwanted henna stains.  

Is it better to apply henna to wet or dry hair?

You can apply henna on either dry or damp hair. The strands must not be soaking wet but only a little bit damp. The results may vary with individual hair properties.  

Is 2 hours enough for henna?

You must keep the henna paste on your hair for at least 2 hours. Henna typically gives the best color within 2-4 hours. You can leave it for a longer period to get a darker stain. Follow the instructions on our henna packaging for best results.

Why is henna not working on my hair?

There can be many reasons why henna is not working on your hair as it should. Common mistakes involve using henna on oily hair, choosing an ancient henna powder, or washing your mixture too soon. Keep in mind that henna yields the best color after a few days. Try waiting to see the final results.

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